Beaver Dam homicide suspect to appear in court this week

March 26, 2019

JUNEAU — Ulisses W. Medina Espinosa, who stands accused in the shooting death of his ex-wife in Beaver Dam on Saturday, will likely make his initial appearance in court later this week.

Espinosa has been held at the Dodge County Jail since Saturday as the investigation into the death of 30-year-old Stacia Hollinshead continues. A court appearance will be scheduled once charges are filed by Dodge County District Attorney Kurt Klomberg.

Hollinshead, of Sycamore, Illinois, was killed Saturday at a home at 322½ E. Third St. Espinosa and Hollinshead share a child, and police say a 5-year-old girl was at the home at the time of the shooting. Beaver Dam Police Chief John Kreuziger said Monday that Hollinshead’s parents came to pick up their granddaughter and take her back to Illinois.

Hollinshead was a DeKalb County Assistant state’s attorney since November and native of Effingham, Illinois. She graduated from Northern Illinois University College of Law in May 2018 after being a U.S. Army intelligence analyst for 11 years.

Hollinshead had filed for divorce from Medina Espinosa in 2016 and filed for a protective order against him the same year.

Protect, Advocate, Validate and Educate (PAVE) Executive Director Teresa Nienow said 73 lives were lost in Wisconsin as a result of domestic violence in 2016, and 62 the previous year. Her organization offers shelter, counseling and education about domestic violence and sexual violence to Dodge County residents.

“We know domestic violence homicide is a real concern for our community and the only way to break the cycle is through education and open dialogue,” Nienow said. “As we wait to hear more information regarding this tragic incident, it’s important to remember that domestic violence does not discriminate. It crosses all socioeconomic backgrounds and education levels. Anyone can be a victim of abuse and it is never the victim’s fault.”

The CDC reports one in three women and one in four men have experienced some form of physical violence by an intimate partner, Nienow said.

“This number is astounding and supports the message that we all know someone who has experienced violence,” Nienow said.

Although the details of Saturday’s shooting in Beaver Dam have not yet been released, Nienow said most incidents of violence between ex-partners occurs during the exchange of children.

“It’s an extremely dangerous time for victims and the children involved,” Nienow said. “PAVE understands this danger and plans to address our community’s need by implementing a Safe Exchange Program in our new facility. Safe Exchange is a child-friendly exchange program to help reduce the stress and danger associated with custody exchanges.”

She said there are precautions people can take while making a custody exchange.

“People may take extra precautions by exchanging in a public location with other people present,” Nienow said. “Although this may not prevent violence or abuse from taking place, it may reduce the level of abuse. We also encourage those who are fearful to complete safety planning with PAVE to plan for alternative ways to remain safe.”

Nienow said PAVE can be reached at 800-887-3785 for anyone who might be in a violent relationship.

“We are here to offer a listening ear or a helping hand,” Nienow said. “We understand that you are the expert in your situation and will always defer to the expertise of the victim or survivor. What we can provide is safety planning, options and counseling.”