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List of Invited Guests at Reagan, Bush Swearing-In

January 21, 1985

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Ninety-five invited guests, including the president and vice president, attended the swearing-in ceremony Sunday of President Reagan and Vice President George Bush.

White House officials, who earlier had said no guest list would be made available because it was considered a private event, did assist in compiling the names of the family members and representatives from Reagan’s church, the Supreme Court, Congress, Cabinet, military and White House staff.

They were:

President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan

Vice President and Mrs. George Bush

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Reagan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reagan and son Cameron

Maureen Reagan and her husband, Dennis Revell

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Reagan

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Davis

Anne Davis, accompanied by David Hennesey

Geoffrey Davis

Mrs. Prescott Bush Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Prescott Bush, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. George Bush Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bush Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Bush.

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Bush.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Bush

Mr. and Mrs. Bill LeBlond

Mr. and Mrs. William Bush

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Ellis

Chief Justice of the United States and Mrs. Warren Burger

Retired Supreme Court Justice and Mrs. Potter Stewart

The Rev. and Mrs. Donn Moomaw

House Speaker and Mrs. Thomas P. O’Neill Jr.

House Minority Leader and Mrs. Robert H. Michel

Senate President Pro Tempore and Mrs. Strom Thurmond

Senate Majority Leader Robert J. Dole

Senate Minority Leader and Mrs. Robert Byrd

Sen. and Mrs. Paul Laxalt

Gen. and Mrs. John W. Vessey Jr.

Secretary of State George P. Shultz and daughter

Attorney General and Mrs. William French Smith

Treasury Secretary and Mrs. Donald T. Regan

Defense Secretary and Mrs. Caspar Weinberger

Interior Secretary and Mrs. William P. Clark

Agriculture Secretary and Mrs. John Block

Commerce Secretary and Mrs. Malcolm Baldrige

Acting Labor Secretary and Mrs. Ford B. Ford

Housing and Urban Development Secretary and Mrs. Samuel Pierce Jr.

Transportation Secretary Elizabeth Dole

Energy Secretary and Mrs. Donald Hodel

Acting Education Secretary and Mrs. Gary Jones

Office of Management and Budget Director and Mrs. David Stockman

Central Intelligency Director and Mrs. William Casey

U.N. Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick and husband Evron Kirkpatrick

U.S. Trade Representative and Mrs. William Brock

Presidential Counselor and Mrs. Edwin Meese III

White House Chief of Staff and Mrs. James A. Baker III

Deputy White House Chief of Staff and Mrs. Michael K. Deaver

National Security Adviser and Mrs. Robert C. McFarlane

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