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Report Guerrillas Storm Base and Kill Afghan General

June 29, 1985

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) _ Moslem guerrillas in Afghanistan captured an army base while a military delegation was visiting and a top-ranking general was killed, guerrilla commanders said.

Afghanistan’s official Radio Kabul, in a rare acknowledgement, said Brig. Gen. Ahmad Uddin had been killed in a ″frontal clash with the bandits.″

The rebels fighting Afghanistan’s pro-Soviet government also killed or captured 110 Afghan officers and about 350 troopers at the base at Pushgoor in the Panjsher Valley in northern Afghanistan, commanders of the Jamiat-I-Islami guerrilla group said.

″This was a major victory. We now control half the valley,″ one said Friday.

Jamiat is one of the main groups fighting to overthrow Afghanistan’s Marxist-Leninst regime. One guerrilla source said all Soviet advisers had been evacuated from the base earlier because of rebel attacks.

The Central Committee of the ruling Afghan Communist Party expressed deep regret at the general’s death, Afghan radio said.

Jamiat commanders said their forces stormed the army camp June 15, but said the war in the Panjsher Valley kept the report from reaching their headquarters earlier.

Six colonels, three lieutenant colonels and several security officials accompanying Uddin were among those captured, the guerrilla leaders said.

″The situation was critical for the government, so they sent a delegation to assess the situation,″ said one guerrilla commander. He and the others requested anonymity for security reasons.

The commanders said they confiscated large amounts of military equipment. The Panjsher Valley is north of Kabul, the Afghan capital. It runs from west to east, intersecting with the Pakistan border, and is the main supply route for the Islamic guerrillas from their bases in Pakistan. It has seen some of the heaviest fighting in the war.

The attack was led by Ahmad Shah Massoud, considered one of the most effective guerrilla commanders.

Massoud has registered a series of victories against the Afghan army and units of the estimated 115,000 Soviet soldiers sent into Afghanistan since December 1979 to fight the insurgency.

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