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Four Texas Cities Choose Mayors

May 1, 1999

DALLAS (AP) _ Incumbent mayors headed for expected re-election victories Saturday in Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso and Brownsville.

Ron Kirk, Dallas’ first black mayor, was expected to coast to a second-term victory over immigration lawyer and political novice Margaret A. Donnelly and perennial candidate Billy Jack Ludwig.

Kirk, a lawyer and former Texas secretary of state, promised to focus his second term on fixing streets, keeping the city safe and promoting economic development in south Dallas, the poorest part of town.

He spent much of his first four-year term pushing through referendums to build a sports arena and develop an area along the Trinity River near downtown. Each passed by fewer than 2,000 votes.

San Antonio Mayor Howard Peak also sought a second term with a pledge to focus on basic city services. Peak’s opponents were Tony Garza, Joseph Rodriguez de Cisneros, Eloy Centeno and Louis Podesta.

El Paso Mayor Carlos Ramirez was expected to easily beat City Councilwoman Barbara Perez, his nearest competitor. Ramirez has unsuccessfully lobbied officials in Juarez, Mexico, to ban drinking by underage Americans. Mexico’s legal drinking age is 18.

In Brownsville, Mayor Henry Gonzalez sought a third term in a race against Blanca Sanchez Vela, wife of a federal judge.

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