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South African Agents Blamed for Bombings

December 1, 1988

LUSAKA, Zambia (AP) _ Zambia on Thursday blamed South African agents for two recent bombings that killed two civilians in the capital of Lusaka.

Secretary of State for Defense Alex Shapi said security police believed the culprits were Zambians in the pay of Pretoria or actual South African agents.

A bomb exploded in a car Friday night at a motel on the outskirts of Lusaka, killing one member of the African National Congress and injuring another. The car was owned by the ANC, the main guerrilla-backed movement fighting the white government in South Africa.

A second blast, from either a bomb or a land mine, was triggered Tuesday night in the Lusaka suburb of Makeni. A Zambian who set off the device with his car was killed and a passenger was injured.

The explosion occurred near a refugee camp housing South African blacks.

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