Case Unsolved: The story of Erika Cirioni, Episode 2

July 28, 2018

Erika Cirioni’s case isn’t like the others we’ve explored on our podcast, “Case Unsolved.” While there surely was a crime scene, police never found it. Until March 2012, when some children found her remains in the woods in Montville, she technically was considered a missing person. That was more than five years after she vanished on New Year’s Eve 2006.

In this week’s episode of “Case Unsolved,” set to be released Wednesday, we’ll dig deeper into Erika’s last known moments and the years that followed. Where did police look for her? Why might someone have wanted to kill her? And who did she talk to on that fateful New Year’s Eve?

You can listen to the episode, as well as a trailer and the first episode of the case, at www.caseunsolvedpodcast.com or on any podcast app. Previously, “Case Unsolved” looked at the 1984 murder of Desiree Michaud in Groton and the 1995 murder of William Spicer Jr. in Groton. To be part of the conversation, join the “Case Unsolved” Facebook page, bit.ly/CaseUnsolvedFB, or email us at caseunsolved@theday.com.

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