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After Just a Week, Couple Wins Race to Conceive

November 20, 1990

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) _ The fun was over practically before it started when a couple who had entered a three-way contest to see who could be the first to conceive was declared the winner after just one week.

James and Lisa Machamer of Des Moines will get a $1,000 savings bond, a crib and six months of diaper service as winners of the Breeders Cup promotion sponsored by radio station KRNQ. Another prize will arrive in nine months.

Positive results from a home pregnancy test taken on Friday were confirmed by a doctor Monday, said KRNQ sales manager Scott Schubert.

″I don’t think the contest made any difference - we didn’t do anything different,″ said Mrs. Machamer, 22. ″That’s the first question everybody wants to know.″

The Machamers and two other couples were among about 20 who responded to the station’s invitation to participate in the Breeder’s Cup, which was open to married couples without children. The three couples were chosen by lot.

The contestants agreed to talk about their experiences on the radio each Friday. Schubert said the promotion was one of the hottest ever at the station.

Schubert said the station didn’t receive any complaints about making public the usually private ″trying″ part of conceiving.

″If it’s done with taste, you can do it,″ he said.

Mrs. Machamer said the publicity far exceeded her expectations, ″and I don’t know if we would have done it if we had known ahead of time.″

She said she didn’t do much talking on the radio.

″It was a little embarrassing,″ she said.

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