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Rep. Hayes Steamed; He’s No Movie Critic With AM-Government Perks

April 9, 1992

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Rep. Charles Hayes, D-Ill., named one of the top check abusers at the House bank, was the butt of a newspaper ad Thursday that poked fun at a scandal that has swept Capitol Hill.

Roll Call, a semi-weekly newspaper, published a full-page ad that promoted a phony movie called ″Russ,″ directed by Oliver Stone.

The movie is named for Jack Russ, the former House sergeant-at-arms who ran the bank and was forced to resign last month.

At the top of the ad are five stars, like those found in a movie review, and a quote attributed to Hayes: ″It literally knocked me out of my seat 3/8″

The Chicago congressman was defeated in the March 17 Democratic primary, three days after it was reported that his 716 overdrafts put him among the worst bad check writers at the House bank.

″He felt that it was insulting,″ top aide Harriet Pritchett said of the ad. ″He had always held Roll Call in high esteem. Until now, Roll Call had not sunk to the levels of a tabloid.″

Roll Call executive editor Stacy Mason suggested Hayes’ office should lighten up.

″It’s a parody. Everyone knows it’s in good fun,″ she said.

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