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Details of New Restrictions on Opposition Groups With AM-SAfrica-Ban, Bjt

February 25, 1988

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) _ Here are excerpts of the government’s new regulations banning political activity by major opposition groups:


If the minister (of law and order) is of the opinion that it is necessary for the safety of the public, the maintenance of public order or the termination of the state of emergency, he may, without prior notice to any person or without hearing any person, issue an order ... prohibiting an organization ... from carrying on:

- Any activities or acts whatsoever.

- Activities or acts of a nature, class or kind specified in the order.


The order said an affected organization will not be barred from:

- Preserving its assets.

- Keeping up to date its books and records and performing administrative functions in connection therewith.

- Complying with an obligation imposed on it by or under any law or court.

- Taking legal advice or judicial steps.

- Carrying on such activities or performing such acts as the minister may have consented to.

No consent ... shall be granted by the minister unless he is convinced that the granting of such consent will not result in the safety of the public or the maintenance of public order being threatened.


The order listed the following organizations as being affected by the new restrictions:

Azanian People’s Organization.

Azanian Youth Organization.

Cape Youth Congress.

Cradock Residents Association.

Detainees Parents Support Committee.

Detainees Support Committee.

National Education Crisis Committee.

National Education Union of South Africa.

Port Elizabeth Black Civic Organization.

Release Mandela Committee.

Soweto Civic Association.

Soweto Youth Congress.

South African National Student Congress.

South African Youth Congress.

United Democratic Front.

Vaal Civil Association.

Western Cape Civic Association.

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