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Congressman Has Triple Bypass Surgery

February 6, 1986

CLEVELAND (AP) _ Rep. Delbert L. Latta, a Republican member of the House leadership, is recuperating after triple coronary bypass surgery at the Cleveland Clinic, a spokesman said Wednesday.

″He’s in very good condition and they expect a very thorough and complete recovery,″ said Joan Southard, Latta’s administrative assistant in Washington. A hospital spokesman could not immediately be reached for Latta’s exact condition. The surgery was performed Tuesday.

Ms. Southard said Latta was expected to remain in the hospital for a week and would stay indefinitely at his home in Bowling Green.

″He’s on an official leave of absence, but he will be in contact and be involved as soon as he’s at home and recuperating,″ Ms. Southard said.

Latta, 65, is serving his 28th year in the House.

He is the ranking minority member on the Budget Committee, sits on the Rules Committee, is chairman of the Ohio Republican delegation to Washington and is dean of the Ohio delegation.

Latta was at the clinic Friday for a routine checkup and after tests on Monday, doctors decided he should have the surgery, Ms. Southard said.

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