Meet Santa’s secret helper – the Christmas Fairy

December 16, 2018

Very early each and every Christmas morning, a battle that’s played out for generations begins in homes across the globe.

Kids, excited by the prospect of unwrapping a mountain of glittering gifts nestled under the tree, rush into their parents’ bedroom before the sun has even thought about rising and do whatever they can to rouse their parental units from their slumber. Mom and Dad groan, pulling the covers over their heads while ordering the kids back to bed. The kids protest, adamant that Santa has already come and they can’t sleep another wink. Eventually, the parents cave and wander down to the tree, where the flurry of unwrapping begins.

But what if there was a way to keep the kids in bed until at least sunrise and start an awesome holiday tradition that your kids will want to carry on when they have little ones of their own?

Enter the Christmas Fairy.

Her origin story is one of mystery and lots of pixie dust, but she’s been verified as a dear friend of the one and only Santa Claus (and tired parents everywhere).

On Christmas Eve, the Christmas Fairy (or Christmas Angel as she’s sometimes known) accompanies Santa on his rounds delivering presents to children around the world. In addition to being in charge of the cocoa and cookies in the sleigh, the Christmas Fairy has a very important job that can’t be done by anyone else.

The Christmas Fairy follows Santa down the chimney and is on the lookout for any kids or adults who may awaken during Santa’s visit. Now, this is an important job but not THE important job … a few elves can take care of lookout duty. The really important job comes after all the presents have been placed, the stockings are full and the cookies and milk have been consumed.

As Santa gets ready to head back up the chimney, the Christmas Fairy takes out her snowflake wand and sprinkles each gift with magic fairy dust. The dust makes the presents invisible until the light of the sun touches the Christmas tree.

If children’s eyes should look at the tree before the sun’s rays strike it, the presents will disappear forever and there will be nothing under the tree on Christmas morning. But if the children remain in their beds and leave their parents to their dreams of sugar plums and extra vacation weeks, the sun will make the presents reappear under the tree with a little extra sparkle.

Now, the Christmas Fairy understands just how hard it can be for little ones to contain their excitement. So, she provides a prelude to unwrapping gifts under the tree by leaving a present outside their bedroom door. Children open the door to grab the gift, and when they unwrap it they’ll find a warm (and often fuzzy!) pair of Christmas pajamas. The Christmas Fairy expects those pajamas to be worn when the kids head to the tree … PJs make her magic work a little faster.

She may also leave a Christmas book, puzzle or game to keep the kids occupied while they wait for the right hour. And she doesn’t forget mom and dad, leaving pajamas, a nice robe or pair of slippers for them, too.

Then it’s *woosh*, up the chimney to join Santa for the trip to the next house.

It’s amazing how well and long the Christmas Fairy’s magic works … at least one Hoosier home reports a good 10 years worth of visits before the power of fairy dust wore off.

So, parents, if you’re needing all the shuteye you can get this Christmas, welcome the Christmas Fairy into your home … and give her whatever rules will keep your little ones in bed.

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