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Ms. Honors ‘Women of the Year’

January 8, 1986

NEW YORK (AP) _ Harlem Globetrotter Lynette Woodard, actress Lily Tomlin and President Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis were among 12 ″Women of the Year″ honored Tuesday by Ms. magazine.

Other honorees ranged from an AIDS researcher to a police chief to a 68- year-old Navajo Indian woman who asked Reagan not to cut Social Security benefits.

The awards, presented by Ms. publisher Gloria Steinem, cited the following as ″women of excellence″:

-Ms. Woodard, ″for challenging popular stereotypes of skill and strength by becoming the first woman player with the Harlem Globetrotters.″

-Ms. Tomlin, ″for making ordinary women into stars and vice versa, and for creating, with Jane Wagner, a work of genius to grace the Broadway stage and our lives.″ Ms. Tomlin is currently appearing on Broadway in ″The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe,″ written by Ms. Wagner.

-Ms. Davis, ″for retaining her own identity despite pressures of being a president’s daughter, and for writing honestly about honoring our families and principles at the same time.″

-Motown Productions President Suzanne de Passe, for ″unprecedented television specials on black music as part of our national heritage and joy.″

-Mathilde Krim, for her ″early research on AIDS, for leadership in public fundraising and for her use of the media to counteract fear and ignorance with knowledge and compassion.″

-Penny Harrington of Portland, Ore., for ″becoming the first woman police chief of a major American city and, once in office, for championing civil rights and humane values.″

-Mae Chee Castillo of northwestern New Mexico, for voicing the Social Security plea as Reagan honored her for saving 10 children from a burning bus and thereby ″becoming a national symbol of native American honesty and pride.″

Other Women of the Year included Philadelphia gerontologist Elaine Brody, Chicago community organizer Gale Cincotta, Los Angeles City Council member Joy Picus, and editors and literary critics Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar.

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