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Marcos Mausoleum Faces Power Cut If Bills Not Paid

March 18, 1996

MANILA, Philippines (AP) _ Electricity will be cut off at the refrigerated crypt housing the remains of the late President Ferdinand Marcos if his widow does not pay the bills soon, the power company said Monday.

With some $154,000 in bills unpaid, the Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative was set to turn off the power Monday, said Rommilas Pascual, a company official.

However, he said, the vice governor of Ilocos Norte, Marcos’ home province, had asked for an extension. Power company officials have agreed to continue service until April 30 to allow Marcos’ widow Imelda and supporters to find ways to pay the bill, which has accumulated since 1989, he said.

Marcos was ousted in February 1986. He fled to Hawaii, where he died in 1989. His body was not allowed to return home until three years later.

There was no immediate comment from Mrs. Marcos on the electricity bills.

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