Letter to the editor: Seniors, students should join together

November 18, 2018

Two recent articles were of interest to residents of a local personal care home: ” ‘Elder orphans’ often face challenges of aging on their own” (Oct. 16, TribLIVE) and “Enrollment at Pennsylvania’s state universities drops for eighth straight year” (Oct. 15, TribLIVE).

Perhaps these two issues have something in common. Perhaps the needs of these “elder orphans” can be somewhat met on a college campus, as more space becomes available. The elders and the young students might benefit each other through daily conversation and activities. There is a great benefit to sharing the wisdom of elders with the energy of young people.

Let’s hope that decisions made regarding college campuses and the current challenges for the elderly can be met in a way that is beneficial to all. We hope you continue to write about these two issues, especially in ways that promote conversation and innovative ideas.

Ellen Cobetto


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