Commission gets update on Interurban Trail work

March 31, 2019

The Watertown Public Works Commission was updated on the progress of the Interurban Trail during its meeting Tuesday.

During construction of the bridge on the trail that crosses the Rock River by the Concord Generating Station, parts of the trail were dug up, according to the minutes submitted by Chairman Bill Maron. Street Superintendent Randy Franks said the street department could use crushed asphalt from the city quarry to repair the section from Humboldt Street to the bridge.

“If we have any remaining crushed asphalt available later in the year we may look to do additional work on the trail with the goal to be able to extend the trail to River Road this year,” Maron said. “We were also asked for help on maintaining the trail as far as mowing, brush spraying, grading and rolling.”

The commission agreed to continue maintaining the trail from Humboldt Street to County Highway E to the bridge.

Bids received for the 2019 cured-in-place-pipe lining project exceeded the $500,000 budgeted. The commission agreed to not award this bid, reduce the scope of work, place partial line segments in their own category, place line 7a in a separate category and rebid the project.

The commission approved purchasing two gear boxes for $81,628.56 plus shipping from GEA Mechanical Equipment U.S., Inc.

“Water Systems Manager Peter Hartz presented that the biosolids dewatering process utilizes two centrifuges, which are under our planned maintenance program,” Maron said. “We have spare parts such as bearings, drive belts and other miscellaneous parts. However, the gear box is not a standard item we keep in stock.”

He said the centrifuge shut down due to a vibration alarm, which indicates an imminent bearing failure.

“During inspection, we found the bearing was worn and needed to be replaced, but in addition to the bearing we found the gear box itself was also in need of replacement due to the wear on the gears. We are not able to replace the bearing without a new gear box.”

The commission approved a two-year contract with HydroCorp, Inc. for $29,208 to do water department nonresidential cross-connection control program inspections. A total of 266 inspections are part of the 2019 program and this is in the 2019 budget.

“As required by Wisconsin Administrative Code NR 810.15, a Cross Connection Control Program is required to have establishments inspected based on the level of hazard related to the public water supply contamination,” Maron said.

Members of the commission also approved a change order for the 2018 cured-in-place pipe lining project to increase the contract price with Visu-Sewer, Inc. by $3,033.90.

The commission was told the WPDES permit renewal application is complete and will be submitted Tuesday.