Backtalk: 10/13/2018

October 13, 2018

MORE STICKER SHOCK: You think the expenses for the dentists’ land is a big surprise? Wait until the real costs for the high school come back, and then the demolition costs are totaled.


NICE TO READ: I just got through reading The Sun’s editorial, “Democrats own this calamity” about Judge Kavanaugh and it was awesome. Then I read Peter Lucas’ column and it was great. I love the newspaper and that the conservative voice gets a fair hearing.


ONE-SIDED: I read The Sun’s editorial that blamed the Democrats for embarrassing hearings in Washington on Judge Kavanaugh. But what if Dr. Ford was a Republican and also your daughter, would the editorial have changed?


WHAT’S NEXT?: What’s going to happen to all these women who were lying about Judge Kavanaugh? I believe they were put up to do this hatchet job. Is the government now going to go after them for false accusations?


NO EXCUSES: Here we are in the 21st century and no developer in Lowell should be allowed to build anything unless there is adequate off-street parking.


TAKING STOCK: It’s happening. The Trump Bubble is starting to burst. The stock market is collapsing, all because Trump’s polices were built on a house of cards.


LET HER GO: Anyone who votes for Elizabeth Warren, who wants to run for president, should have their head examined. She’s using Massachusetts as a stepping stone.


TAKE THE TEST: I keep wondering why the Senate Republicans didn’t demand that Judge Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge, along with the two women who accused Judge Kavanaugh, take lie detectors.


THIS IS RIDICULOUS: How could they have called Dr. Christine Blasey Ford a credible witness? She didn’t deliver one shred of evidence for FBI investigators to corroborate.


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