Former Parma councilman sentenced for child sex abuse

January 16, 2019
Myron Harold Jenkins

NAMPA — Through tears, a former Parma city councilman shared at his sentencing Tuesday how remorseful he was for sexually abusing a girl in his family.

Myron Jenkins, 36, was sentenced to 10 years in prison, with three of those years fixed. However, he was ordered to a yearlong rider treatment program. If he completes the treatment program with no hiccups, he can request to be put on probation instead of serving prison time.

Jenkins was arrested July 17 following accusations reported to the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office that he was having sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl. He resigned as councilman July 20 and pleaded guilty Oct. 29 to felony sexual abuse of a minor.

With a tissue in hand to wipe away his tears, and many pauses to compose himself, Jenkins addressed 3rd District Judge Davis VanderVelde sharing the guilt he felt for what he had done one year ago.

“I’ve asked forgiveness from my family and wife, and I’ll beg forgiveness from my children as soon as I can talk to them,” he said.

Jenkins had been intoxicated the night he assaulted his relative, his defense attorney Michael Shawn Jacques said. Though it wasn’t an excuse for his behavior, it was a factor in the abuse, Jacques said.

Jenkins had struggled with alcohol abuse in the past, but had taken part in treatment. Now, he’s six months sober.

Jenkins’ wife of 15 years vouched for her husband during court Tuesday, saying she had seen him change and that he was eager to continue classes for treatment.

“I still believe Myron Jenkins is a great person, and I hope all the good things will outweigh the one bad thing,” Jacques read aloud from an earlier letter Jenkins’ wife had written.

Jacques requested probation for Jenkins, who he said had shown initiative by already participating in treatment, being six months sober, and showing remorse for his actions.

Jacques recognized the crime was egregious and stated that normally retained jurisdiction, a rider treatment program, would be a wonderful sentence for the charge, but there are always exceptions to the rule.

“I believe Jenkins is it,” he said.

VanderVelde didn’t agree. He handed Jenkins the sentence the state had suggested of a rider with 10 years in prison, with the possibility of parole after three years.

“I know it will cause significant hardships, but it was through your actions I’m doing this,” VanderVelde said.

He believed there were many good aspects about Jenkins’ personality and that he has a supportive family, but the judge said he could not avoid that Jenkins ultimately sexually abused a girl in a “horrific way.”

Jenkins will have a no-contact order against minor females for the remainder of his sentence. However, VanderVelde approved the removal for a no-contact order of his adolescent son.

Parma Councilman Kevin Sitts replaced Jenkins in August.

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