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Lloyd Doggett on Amash impeachment statements: ‘Eager’ for Democrats to show the same ‘courage’

Bailey Vogt The Washington TimesMay 20, 2019

Rep. Lloyd Doggettcalled on Democrats Monday to show the same “courage” asRep. Justin Amash, who became the first Republican to say President Trump committed “impeachable conduct.”

In an interview with CNN’s “Newsroom” show, host Poppy Harlow mentioned Mr. Amash’s impeachment statements “going further than Democratic leadership,” including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer.

Mr. Doggett responded, “I’m eager to see Democrats show the same kind of courage that Justin Amash has shown.”

“You know last week, this time, he was a revered member of the Republican caucus, somebody who voted most of the time with Donald Trump, a member of the freedom caucus, and today they are distancing themselves from him as an individual because they cannot distances themselves from the facts,” the Texas Democrat said.

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