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Perot Supporters Buoyed by Debate

October 12, 1992

DALLAS (AP) _ Ross Perot met with his advertising strategists Monday as his phone banks reported calls coming in at the highest volume since he stopped active campaigning in July.

As he has since formally entering the race Oct. 1, Perot stayed away from the campaign trail to work on TV commercials and the next debate. He spent part of the day in a Dallas studio filming a second half-hour program, spokeswoman Sharon Holman said.

Four independent polls showed the Dallas billionaire gained in popularity from Sunday’s debate. But the polls gave mixed signals about Perot’s ability to win.

And his son, Ross Jr., said it would take a ″political miracle″ for him to win.

″But he certainly has a very good influence on the race. He shows America that a third-party candidate can get in the race, and even the other two parties kind of like it,″ the younger Perot said.

But Holman later said, ″We’re in this to win.″

The mood among volunteers and staff members at Perot’s Dallas headquarters was higher than it had been in weeks. Several hugged and exchanged high-fives when they arrived Monday morning.

″I think he showed he is a serious candidate with a credible program and is out to win,″ said Tommy Attaway, Perot’s phone bank coordinator. ″He is a viable choice. There is a sense among the American people that they need to know they’re not going to waste their vote.″

″I’m very, very hopeful,″ said Ruth Jacobson, a volunteer at the phone bank. ″I think people were very much awakened last night.″

The phone bank was beefed up after Perot formally entered the race Oct. 1.

Perot has bought network TV time this week for 30- and 60-second spots. Late Monday, his campaign unveiled several new ads.

One new spot likens the national debt to a ″massive storm clouding America’s future″ and ″an ill wind that is destroying jobs.″ The other features the letter of Vietnam veteran Dennis Skirvin of Wilmington, Del., who last month loaned Perot his Purple Heart ″as a compelling reminder that the hard battle ahead can, and must, be won.″

On Saturday, he has purchased an hour of time on ABC-TV during which he will presumably discuss his solution for the country’s economic woes.

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