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Lawyer Takes Employees Bungee Jumping to Bolster Their Courage

June 14, 1992

SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) _ Rich Ashman wanted aggressive, fearless workers in his law firm. So he took them bungee jumping.

Only two employees with back problems and a pregnant secretary got out of the trip last week to Island Bungee in South Carolina, where Ashman took six attorneys and 10 other staff members. Each jumped twice.

″We all have fears,″ said Ashman, a recent adherent of the pastime. Only two weeks earlier, he conquered his fear of heights by bungee jumping for the first time, he said. ″I felt a tremendous release of that fear.″

So he wasn’t surprised at reactions like Vivian Lingle’s after she took the 105-plunge. ″It was wonderful,″ the assistant office manager said. ″If I can do this, then I can do anything I want to.″

Bungee jumpers attach themselves to an elastic cord and leap from heights in a bouncing free fall. Several deaths have have been reported around the world since the thrill sport took off six years ago, but operators have made improvements.

Enthusiasts say it’s safe with proper equipment and training.

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