Dreams of being a fly girl: How my size shaped my earring collection

July 30, 2018

By Staff

I remember the moment when I realized I had an earring problem. It was an April Saturday in 2015, and a pair of long, neon fringe earrings I had had my eye on were suddenly 50 percent off, thanks to a 24-hour flash sale. Luxebaby, a Philly-based online retailer, had dropped the damage to $10. At the time, I was a broke freelancer between commissions, without the funds for even that.

I didn’t have a piggy bank: I had an oval wooden case that I had painted in Girl Scout camp when I was maybe 12 and had saved change in ever since. I had never emptied it for anything. But here I was, at 26, listening to coins clink as I poured them into a counting machine.

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