QUINCY, Mass. (AP) _ Two police officers were acquitted on charges they assaulted a Boston-area rap musician last summer.

The officers used pepper spray when they arrested Raymond ``Ray Dog'' Scott, 34, for disorderly conduct after questioning him about credit card purchases he made at South Shore Plaza.

``We should not have been here in criminal court in the first place,'' said David Hinds, the attorney for Lt. Russell Jenkins.

Patrolman John Oullette was also acquitted.

After the verdict was read Wednesday, Scott said the officers' decision to detain him amounted to racism. ``Don't be mad because I have money and you don't,'' said Scott, an Easton resident.

Oullette's lawyer, Frank McGee, said race was not a factor in detaining Scott. ``Police officers have the right to use force to gain control of a situation,'' he added.