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Pakistani Man Gets Death for 7 Killings

April 17, 2003

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) _ A court sentenced a Pakistani man to death for killing seven members of his family because he was angered by his daughter’s decision to marry a Christian boy, police said Thursday.

Mohammed Nawaz, a former employee of Pakistan’s Interior Ministry, was sentenced on Wednesday. He turned himself in to police in September 2002 soon after committing the crime, said Saghir Ali, a police official. Nawaz also handed over the murder weapon, a rifle, to authorities.

In police custody, the Nawaz confessed to the killings, which took place in the capital, Islamabad. He insisted, however, that he committed the crime to protect the honor of his family after his daughter announced her intention to marry a Christian boy, Ali said.

Among those killed was Nawaz’s pregnant wife, who herself was Christian before converting to Islam to marry him. The daughter was also killed, along with three other children and two relatives that were staying with the family.

According to Pakistan’s main human rights body, at least 461 women were killed by their family members in ``honor killings″ in 2002.

About 97 percent of Pakistan’s 145 million people are Muslim, while most of the remaining three percent are Christian.

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