WASHINGTON (AP) _ A federal appeals court today agreed to make public the full three days of videotaped interviews of Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates being questioned by government lawyers in the company's antitrust case.

During more than 13 weeks of trial, government lawyers have played roughly eight hours of video showing Gates in the interviews. Today's ruling means the rest of the video _ about 12 hours' worth _ will be made public.

The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia affirmed an earlier decision by the trial judge, who reluctantly agreed last August that the deposition of Gates was open to the public under an obscure 1913 law.

Microsoft had quickly asked the appeals court to prevent reporters and the public from attending the three days of interviews with Gates at the company's headquarters.

The court agreed but left open the question until today whether the public would get to see the deposition in its entirety.

``We are constrained to enforce the statute by its terms and to apply it to the depositions taken in this case,'' Circuit Judge Douglas Ginsburg wrote.