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BC-Entries Delta Downs

May 18, 2019

1st_$13,000, mdn cl $10,000-$10,000, 2YO, 2½f.<

Shes a Rogue One;122;Coronas Jewel;122
Pollitical Diva;122;Jrs Tempting Fantasy;122
Logans Fast Rouge;122;Shine and Jump;122
Jj Filly Er Perry;122;Bedazzled Cartel;122
Blood Drive;122;Jess Out of the Blu;122

2nd_$15,000, cl $5,000-$5,000, 3YO up, .<

Summer Motion;126;Coronas Purse;126
Gt Sweet N Fast;126;Hez Toast;126
Msmholydownillusion;126;Adios Amigas;126
Racing Kane;126;Fast Prize Jewel;126

3rd_$24,000, , 2YO, .<

Taylor Made Cartel;122;Tf El Patron;122
Jet Black Bear;122;Heza Dashin Dude;122
Coronas My Obsession;122;Tf Toast to Whiskey;122
Five Bar Follies;122;Babygator;122
Feature Lil Corona;122;Lynn Loves Blue;122

4th_$5,500, cl $5,000-$5,000, 3YO up, .<

Fast Pipity;126;Rdk Rylea Rue;126
Jess Windys Game;126;Jessa Ladies Man;126
First Desert Streak;126;Storm Hunter;126
Contessa Ruby;124;House Pool;126

5th_$8,500, mdn cl $20,000-$20,000, 2YO, 3f.<

Man On the Beach;122;Jess a Moon;122
Lovin a Rayne Knight;122;Fury of Corona;122
Zee Strike;122;Tm I Think I Can;122
Msma Fast Jordon;122;Shakespeare;122
Rebas Leaving You;122;Dos Equis;122

6th_$13,000, mdn cl $10,000-$10,000, 3YO up, .<

Kingzridge;124;Chicos Cartel;124
Zoomin Ms Perry;124;Three R Mr Perry;124
Ah Louisiana;124;Gotta Cajun Chick;126
Brexit;124;Fire Out the Box;124
Rcv Divide the Money;124;Intriguing Runaway;124

7th_$26,000, alc, 2YO (NW2 L), .<

Louisiana Sidecar B;122;Escandalo;122
Tf Eyesa Struttin;122;Jess a Sizzlin Love;122
Brileys Prize;122;Fk Jettaway John;122
Streakin Fast Rogue;122;Coronastripleking;122
Original Martini;122;Jj Paint On Luck;122

8th_$10,500, , 2YO F, 3f.<

Lolo Jones Black;122;Pyc Lovestruck;122
Jla Grand Baby Shake;122;Tm Blue Rose;122
Ec Dark Sugar;122;Shes So Wicked;122
My Majestic Diamond;122;Shes So Valiant;122
Girl With Curls;122;Super Sundee;122

9th_$6,500, cl $7,500-$7,500, 3YO up, 4f.<

Jesse Desire;124;Canselman;124
Black and Blue Jet;126;Gotta Be Mvp;126
Ldn Dalaw Is Salty;126;Rakin Somekinda Cash;126
Jess Louisiana Tee;124

10th_$13,000, mdn cl $10,000-$10,000, 2YO, 2½f.<

First Lady D;122;Purpel Rain;122
Im a Jess Yall;122;Dash Tada Moon;122
Hfr Rogue Nation;122;Fly Bye You;122
Tf Ima Runaway Perry;122;Cruzin the Coast;122
Runaway Cash Machine;122;Streakin Lil Reba;122

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