Church should reconsider celibacy -- David Schneider

April 14, 2019

As a Lutheran baptismal brother in Jesus, I admire Pope Francis for acknowledging the scandalous behavior of some priests who took sexual advantage of people. Dealing with such situations is difficult.

May I make a suggestion?

The Bible is clear about a priest. If married, he must be “the husband of one wife” and manage his children well. (1 Timothy 3:2-4) Simon Peter was married, for his mother-in-law appears in Mark 1:30. In Genesis the devil did not invent sex. God created it in Adam and Eve and instructed them to use it. He judged his whole creation “Very good!”

According to my research, compulsory celibacy didn’t become definite law for all clergy until the 12th century. Would you consider making marriage and family again optional for church leaders, so that their sexual activity would not go “out of bounds” but be viewed as a God-pleasing way of life as they do their priestly work?

As a Lutheran missionary, I married deaconess Darlene (a Lutheran “nun”). She has strengthened my ministry. And we raised three kids -- two pastors and one lay leader.

The pope should visit Madison.

David Schneider, Madison