Michael Mathers: No change necessary

August 19, 2018


This is a response to a recent letter calling for a change in city leadership. Have you gone mad? Are you crossing the state line for the funny stuff?

The only change that needs to be made is a change in attitude from the Lake Havasu Chapter of C.A.V.E. (Citizens Against Virtually Everything). Your choices of candidates for council reflect your absence from the Grace Arts Forum of the candidates. Councilwoman L had to read her own biography, and couldn’t answer any questions from the moderator.

Furthermore, your choice for mayor, although articulate, has absolutely NO experience.

My choices, Cal Sheehy, Jeni Coke and Jim Dolan reflect a continuation of the current city council that has balanced the budget, built $35M in reserves, won a $2M award for Best Communities, opened Cypress Park, and refinanced the sewer debt, and more.

Sheehy, as Vice-Mayor, has had the benefit and experience of working with Mayor Mark Nexsen. Coke has been a consistent supporter and member of a council that works together, and Dolan is from Havasu and has its best interests in mind.

Michael Mathers

Lake Havasu City

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