GOP should learn good sportsmanship -- Kathleen Hoppe

November 16, 2018

Republicans in our state Legislature are setting a terrible example for our children. Evidently, they missed some essential teachings in their childhoods.

Good sportsmanship is a big part of learning for any child. It seems like the Republican “team” is refusing to shake hands with the team that won this time. Instead, they are crossing their arms and sticking their noses in the air. Then they decide to change the rules. They want them to only favor their team.

Teams used to work together, but this team just refuses to use good sportsmanship.

This refusal to accept the outcome of the vote is petulant and inexcusable. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, and his teammates should set a good example. Instead, they encourage each other to cheat and do whatever they can to manipulate the system. How can the Republicans justify this behavior? Their candidate lost, so now it’s time to do whatever they can before the newly elected governor is sworn in.

As a school board member and parent, I am left aghast. They should model what we’d like our leaders to exemplify. Instead, Speaker Vos and others are taking their ball and heading home.

Kathleen Hoppe, Stoughton

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