Shopping like it’s time to shop

November 18, 2018

Same dilemma every year...How soon should I start Christmas shopping?

Several years ago, I decided to start in early to mid-November and finish by mid-December, allowing more time to truly enjoy the holiday -- including Christmas movies on TV -- rather than scrambling late in the season to find the last gifts.

It seems waiting until even mid-November makes me a slow starter, based on the advertisements I’ve seen the past month.

One Glenbrook Square department-store retailer in mid-October had men’s dress shirts on sale for 40s and higher. (I searched and searched through the stacks until I found four of the $10 shirts in varied colors in my husband’s size. At that price, I gave him the shirts “just because,” not as an early Christmas gift.)

In recent weeks, I’ve noticed other “doorbuster”-type promotions -- more than I think I had typically seen in October or the start of November.

And shoppers were out in force on the second Saturday of this month at Glenbrook Square and other prime retail spots -- even though I believe temperatures were in the 30s and gusty winds made it feel worse. The parking lots almost looked like a Black Friday.

At a shoe store just north of Coliseum Boulevard and Coldwater Road where I was purchasing a simple, long shoehorn for $4.99, I was behind a woman with at least six boxes of shoes. The store had a buy one, get one half off promotion. An ad for the store said “Shop Like It’s Black Friday Now.” The employee at the register thanked me for my patience. I asked whether they were starting to see a lot of Christmas shoppers, and she said yes. The day before was pretty busy, too, she said. A local school district apparently had parent-teacher conferences and the daytime shopping crowd seemed heavier than usual.

When I stopped later at Kroger to pick up some fresh fruit for the week, a chatty lady in front of me talked about how much money she was spending that day. She had been at the same shoe store and found a pair of $20 boots. The lady said she has seven children in her house and rarely gets to purchase new footwear for herself, but her husband gave her the greenlight.

One email promotion Monday from Best Buy announced in enlarged type, “Deals have arrived.” The second line suggested: “Think of it as a warm-up for Black Friday.”

Meijer on Tuesday said it would be offering its Black Friday Deals all week long, beginning at 6 a.m. today and continuing daily through Nov. 24.

I even received email and regular mail from Art Van Furniture for a one-day event for its VIPs. “Shop Like It’s Black Friday,” one of the notices said. The VIP event, by the way, was last week -- on Thursday.

The holiday shopping season is indeed here.


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