SOS: Samsung refrigerator refund — doubled, not cubed

September 3, 2018

If this were Niem Allen's faulty Samsung refrigerator, the ice would be crushed, not cubed.

Niem Allen figured if SOS can help one southern Wisconsin woman with a faulty refrigerator, it can help another.

She was right.

Allen, of Albany, contacted SOS after a friend gave her a clipping of the column’s July 30 edition, which recounted the tale of a Stoughton woman whose Samsung refrigerator couldn’t keep a chill.

Allen’s Samsung could keep a chill — and then some. What she thinks was a leak in the freezer’s ice maker was causing the unit’s ice tray to freeze to the freezer’s innards.

Plus, she said, the thing wouldn’t give her cubes, only crushed.

Allen said that for the first half of May, Samsung tried to find a local technician to come out and fix the fridge, which was only 5 months old.

“I preferred to keep the refrigerator if I can get somebody to fix it,” she said.

That effort failed, Allen said, so Samsung offered to buy it back on May 18.

“They say they’re going to send me a check and never did,” Allen said, and as of July was told “it’s still in process.”

Allen, 68, got in touch with SOS on July 31, and SOS contacted Samsung later that same day.

On Aug. 1, Allen got an email from Alicia Laing, of Samsung’s Office of the President, apologizing for her hassle and promising her check would arrive in seven to 10 business days.

It did, for $1,896.89, on Aug. 10, Allen said.

Laing did not respond when asked what led to the mix-up. A Samsung spokesman, Zach Dugan, said in a statement that the company “will carefully review Ms. Allen’s experience in an effort to constantly improve our processes.”

Whirlpool, continued (again)

Jo Kiesow, of Sun Prairie, wrote on Aug. 25 to say Whirlpool replaced her AquaLift -equipped oven with a new double oven that retails for $1,849 but only cost her an extra $375.

Kiesow is among the nearly 20 Whirlpool customers whose stories SOS has been forwarding to the company. AquaLift is a low-heat self-cleaning feature that, in the experience of the customers, doesn’t work.

“The only self-cleaning ovens were very simple models or a double oven which was much more expensive than the one we have,” Kiesow writes. “They offered us a double oven for $375 more or they would refund our money. We chose the double oven because it was a very expensive model and I have always wanted a double oven.”

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