Poky Dot Boutique opens in Old Town

October 9, 2018

POCATELLO — The Poky Dot Boutique, which has been open at 201 N. Main St. in Old Town for a few weeks, will have its grand opening the weekend of Oct. 12 and 13.

Sue Byington and husband Kim opened the Poky Dot Boutique after moving to Pocatello from Vernal, Utah, where they had also owned a boutique.

Byington said her boutique in Pocatello is a little different from the one she owned in Utah, though. Primarily, the Poky Dot Boutique sells clothes, which her previous stores haven’t done.

But aside from clothes, the boutique offers a wide range of handmade products from local vendors.

Shoppers can purchase anything from homemade soaps and bath bombs to string art and calligraphy prints.

According to Byington, almost all the vendors are from Pocatello and the surrounding areas, and she accepts virtually any products.

“I don’t jury my vendors,” Byington said. “The only thing I ask is that it’s appropriate.”

Byington said everything from her vendors has sold well, so she’s maintained an open mind when it comes to vendors.

“I don’t know what people want,” Byington said. “Some of the things that you don’t think will sell, sell. Some of the things you think will sell, don’t sell. So it’s more, ‘bring it in, and let’s see what happens.’”

When it comes to clothing, Byington has an equally wide view. She said she wants to provide customers with items that they wouldn’t typically find anywhere else, and she orders items once and only once.

“The clothing is tough,” Byington said. “It’s really tough to get things that everybody else in town doesn’t have and that people want.”

The boutique carries sizes extra small through plus sizes, Byington said, to try to accommodate as many customers as possible.

And Byington said that, so far, her customer base has definitely been varied.

“I have people from young girls up to grandmas,” Byington said. “I think I even have a great-grandma that’s been in here shopping. We try to order for one clientele, and we can’t. We just have to order different things across the board.”

Though the boutique has only been open for a few weeks, Byington said there has been a lot of interest and support from the community.

“It’s absolutely amazing,” she said. “We are really, really surprised at the support we’ve had. We’ve been open about six weeks, and we already have a regular clientele.”

She added that she loves having a location in Old Town and on Main Street because she feels it serves the needs of her clients and easily supports the comfortable vibe of her store.

“When people come to Old Town, they want to mill around,” Byington said. “Generally speaking, they’re not in a hurry. They just want to come in and sometimes they look, and sometimes they buy. But they always visit.”

At the grand opening, Byington said they will have drawings for baskets and gifts, as well as refreshments.

“Come down and see us, and say ‘hi,’” Byington said. “If you have time to spend, come in and spend some time.”

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