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Habash Promises to Continue Fight for Palestinian Homeland

February 8, 1992

PARIS (AP) _ Radical Palestinian leader George Habash, speaking in a clear and apparently healthy voice, today thanked his supporters for their help during his detention in France and pledge to continue fighting for a Palestinian homeland.

Habash, in a phone call to the Paris-based Arabic service of Radio Monte Carlo, denounced his detention as orchestrated by supporters of Israel.

″I thank all the friends who demonstrated against the aggressive attack which I was subject to by some hateful parties that cooperate with the Zionist enemy,″ he said in a broadcast monitored in Cyprus.

Habash, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, spoke in his usual strong, clear voice without any audible signs of health problems.

French officials allowed Habash to leave France after a brief detention, saying he was too sick to speak to investigators about the discovery of an arms cache in the Fontainebleau forest near Paris that has been linked to the PFLP.

Habash’s arrival in Paris on Jan. 29 created a political furor in France and abroad, and led to the ouster of five senior government officials.

Conservative leaders in the National Assembly and Senate have demanded parliamentary investigations to determine exactly who was responsible for allowing him into France.

Members of Habash’s entourage had said Friday he was in ″satisfactory″ condition and under medical treatment in Marsa, a Tunis suburb.

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