Legalizing pot will mean more impaired drivers

January 6, 2019

With the well-publicized increase in DUI patrols over Thanksgiving, many didn’t heed the warning, with 480 arrests, according to Minnesota’s Department of Public Safety.

Minnesota typically has 24,000 DUI arrests a year.

Are you safe on Minnesota’s roads?

We have a new year, new governor, new Legislature and talk of legalizing marijuana.

Minnesota road safety will be compromised even further by impaired drivers if this ridiculous initiative passes.

Alcohol is legal and easy to get, hence the 24,000 DUI arrests. Legalizing recreational marijuana will likely cause an increase in DUIs. The choice to drive impaired will no doubt skyrocket!

Legalizing marijuana would impact the safety of everyone on Minnesota’s roads.

This will also affect law enforcement, which is already stretched to the limit.

Minnesota legislators are now concerned about teenagers vaping. What do you think legalizing marijuana will do to this generation? One focus of the 2019 legislative session is health care. How ironic is that with the talk of legalizing pot?

Rehab counselors would agree that marijuana is a gateway drug. Those with addictive personalities might end up using illegal, more addictive drugs after using legalized marijuana. The out of control and illegal use of opioids and heroin in this country is no secret. While it has contributed to illegal actions, it has also increased the workload of law enforcement, courts and prisons.

Maybe opioids and heroin should be legalized as well? Sound ludicrous? So does marijuana legalization!

Sandy Melville, Rochester

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