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Comments By Voters Looking Ahead to 1996 Elections

December 22, 1995

``This is not the time to be cutting taxes. I believe we do need to balance the budget but not if it means crippling the poor and the needy.″ _ Marion Pierce, 57, high school librarian, Gilmanton, N.H.


``The Republicans haven’t gone enough with their promises but I think if we elect a Republican president in ’96 the party will be more able to come through with their promises.″ _ Peter Marchesi, 34, mortgage broker, Boston.


``I am so disenchanted with the government right now that it makes it difficult for me to be interested in politics.″ _ Martha Bombel, 43, auto broker, Flint, Mich.


``I believe both parties could do more. I feel they should be able to work together and compromise.″ _ Beth Paxson, 35, Portland, Ore.

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