City Different? Racial profiling has to stop

December 23, 2018

After two events of alleged racial discrimination and profiling at establishments in Santa Fe (“Student’s racial profiling charge at local Allsup’s goes national,” Aug. 10) and (“Los Alamos man says Dunkin’ incident is ‘teachable moment,’ ” Oct. 19), yet another incident has occurred at Eldorado Hotel & Spa (“Lawyers claim hotel repeatedly denied black guest parking for holiday party,” Dec. 19), involving the refusal of parking service to an African-American male so that he could attend a holiday party.

When will employers train their staff that discrimination impacts their bottom line? When will persons of color in the City Different feel comfortable patronizing establishments without being treated with suspicion or being embarrassed by employees in these establishments? When will the many good citizens of Santa Fe express their outrage at these discriminatory actions?

Our reputation as a progressive, welcoming and diversity-embracing city is at risk. We cannot continue the shame and embarrassment of these incidents in the City Different.

Cedric D. Page, Ph.D.

past president

Santa Fe branch, NAACP

Santa Fe

Christmas, every day

You see that same face in the mirror

every morning for a long long time,

and one morning you look a little closer.

You realize your soul’s purpose

and what makes you happy

are the same, and a child in you is reborn,

like in December, mirth lines sprout like dandelions

and the world will not go back in the toothpaste tube

no matter how hard you try, and so you don’t!

Robert-Francis ‘Mudman’ Johnson

Santa Fe

Acoma shield case

While some cultural items recently were returned to Acoma Pueblo, attempts to have a ceremonial shield returned from the EVE auction house in Paris continue. However, this effort has been handled as if it were a property case, and primarily from the perspective of U.S. law (“Nonprofit decries auction of Native American items,” Oct. 6). France, however, is bound by the European Convention on Human Rights, which protects the right to religion through different means and with different standards from U.S. law. I hope Acoma Pueblo will consider invoking human rights law as applicable and approach the issue from that perspective.

Donna Gomien

retired international human rights lawyer

Santa Fe

Too many guns

In terms of New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence (“New leader, new challenges,” Nov. 18), the big plans are for gun safety legislation in New Mexico in 2019. Guns to Gardens continues to be extremely productive. This past summer, at the buyback day hosted by the Las Cruces Police Department and New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence in Las Cruces, 160 firearms were turned in. We were asked to host a second buyback in Española after tragic, recent shootings.

Recently, in Gallup, a 3-year-old shot an 8-month-old while parents were “in the shower.” In November, there was the domestic shooting that killed four people on the Navajo Nation along the Arizona-New Mexico border. Other big news is the fact that in 2017, there were almost 40,000 gun deaths nationally — more than any year since the 1990s, while AR-15s are selling hotter than ever. Wow.

​Jim Webster

board member

New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence

Santa Fe

Just do it

The Santa Fe New Mexican rarely mentions the successful University of New Mexico women’s basketball team or pays much attention to women’s basketball in general. Santa Fe girls don’t get to see pictures of female role models playing right down Interstate 25 or read about exploits of current stars like UNM’s Jaisa Nunn. Kids for whom the feel of a basketball in their hands makes their day worthwhile see little correspondence in the post-high school adult world for what they feel and dream — if they happen to be a girl.

Hopefully, with governor’s seats, doctor’s offices and other previously male-exclusive roles filling with women, our society is moving in the right gender-equality direction. Add another piece to this momentum so that Santa Fe parents can point to female college and pro athletes in print and tell their daughters, “See, you can do that, too!”

Lou Levin

Santa Fe

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