Orchids and Onions: Saturday, December 22, 2018

December 23, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the atheist. I am sorry you don’t believe in God. Because if you believe in Him and there is no God, when you die you won’t know the difference anyway. But if you deny him, and there is a God, you are in serious trouble my friend. Just sayin. One of your “backward” neighbors.

Orchids to our neighbors on Silversmith Drive. From checking our mail and house when we are gone, to taking down trash bins, to decorating the exterior of our home for Christmas. We are very blessed by all of you! J and J

Onions to the guy whom I gave a little beep to go on a green arrow, who then brake checks me in the intersection and tries to run me off the highway. Get your Lithium refilled.

Orchids to Sarah Dixon for the very special coverage of our Candlelight Ceremony recognizing National Children’s Memorial Day. It was a very special ceremony honoring our children who have passed to soon.

Onions to the Montana folks that don’t like our supermarkets the way they are. If we can’t accommodate your wishes, stop coming to Havasu and please go to Yuma! We can survive without your patronage and rudeness!

Orchids to the kind lady that gave us a ride to cardiologist, after our car wouldn’t start. We were walking and were exhausted. Also to our friend that rescued us and our car after appointment. Bless you!

Orchids to Maria, the phlebotomist at Sonora Quest. She is always happy and does an exceptional job! Serena

Onions to the atheist who can’t get into the fraternal organization. Let’s see, hmm, as an atheist you’re probably not politically desirable to the organization either. Now there are two reasons to not want you around.

Orchids to Shugrue’s for another amazing catering gig for Sterilite. Food and facility were amazing! Thank you to Frank Fonseca for making the evening go so smoothly. Happy Holidays!

Onions to P.C. Does anyone remember how much better people got along before Political Correctness? It’s time to get back to sanity.

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