Rome Music Teachers Association - Romantic Competition

March 24, 2019

The Rome Music Teachers Association recently sponsored a Romantic Competition in Brookes Chapel at Shorter University. Chairpersons were Amy Neal and Dr. Jerico Vasquez.

Students performing were Christopher Neal, Mac Walker, Kaelyn Vasquez, Clay Sabino, Hadley Davis, Jack Heath, Ansley Combes, Cal Sabino, Margaret Gaines, Malachi McRoy, Meredith Walker, Ellie Schwartz, Grayson Davis, Samuel Duncan, Shiloh St. Clair, Elijah Gentry, Anna Rose Reid, Charlie Shane, Charis McRoy, Matthew George, and Calvin Stovall.

Winners in the Early-Late Elementary Division were Clay Sabino-Outstanding Performance and Ansley Combes-Award of Excellence.

In the Intermediate-Advanced Division, the winners were Charis McRoy-Outstanding Performance and Calvin Stovall-Award of Excellence.

Judging the event was Huu Mai, artist in residence at Kennesaw State University.

Teachers whose students participated were Kay Greene, Amy Neal, Kathryn Nobles, Shelley Reid, Dr. Jerico Vasquez, and Kyla Zollitsch.

The association invites the public to visit their website at www.romemta.com for additional information regarding Rome Music Teachers Association.