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Pair of Sgt. Sargents Spell Sound of Trouble for Married Air Force Pair

August 23, 1991

MINOT, N.D. (AP) _ Sometimes the kidding gets to be two too much for a pair of married staff sergeants at Minot Air Force Base.

Many callers to the base’s public affairs office get befuddled when they discover they’re talking to Sgt. Sargent.

″They’ll say ‘who,’ ‘what,’ or ’can you say that again?‴ Sgt. Beverly Sargent said.

Her husband, Reggie Sargent, encountered his main name problem early in Air Force basic training.

″You’re supposed to call the (instructor) ’Sir,‴ Sgt. Reggie Sargent said. ″But whenever anyone called me Sargent, he’d come running over to yell at people because he thought they were talking to him.″

Beverly Sargent started out in life as Beverly Edwards and when she married eight years ago, gave little thought to the impact of a name change.

But her tune soon changed when she followed her husband’s bootsteps.

″The first day of basic,″ Sgt. Beverly Sargent said, ’the training instructor said, ’The Air Force has a sergeant major, and now we have our own Airman Sargent.‴

Reggie Sargent’s two brothers entered the military but avoided all this; they’re petty officers in the Navy.

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