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Man Finds Mango with Moslem Inscription

April 25, 1989

NEW DELHI, India (AP) _ A man in southern India said Tuesday a mango tree in his garden has borne a fruit with an Islamic inscription on its skin, and crowds were flocking to the site, news reports said.

Haji Mohammad Multani said the inscription on the unripe mango was in Arabic and read ″La Ilaha Illallah″ - ″There no God but Allah,″ according to Press Trust of India.

The news agency said Multani spotted the freak mango a month ago on the two-year-old tree in the garden of his house in Hyderabad, 745 miles south of New Delhi.

The inscription has grown with the fruit, a Hyderabad-based journalist said by telephone, quoting Multani.

The unusual fruit, one among the three borne by the tree, was attracting large crowds of curious people.

This was the first time the tree had borne fruit, Multani said. The other two mangos were normal, he said.

After the fruit is ripe, Multani said he might give it to a museum.

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