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June 20, 1986

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. (AP) _ Surprise, movie fans: King Kong didn’t die when he fell off the Empire State Building in the 1933 RKO film. He moved to California.

The latest version of the monster ape was unveiled Thursday in ceremonies at Universal City, where it will growl and glower at tourists. Studio tour officials say the 30-foot-tall, $6.5 million Kong is the world’s largest animated creature.

″The sound stage he is in is the biggest of its kind,″ said Sheryl Feuerstein, a spokeswoman for the Southern California attraction. ″He is fabulous.″

The replica also has one feature that generations of movie watchers may not have thought of.

″He’s got banana breath,″ Ms. Feuerstein said, adding that the effect was created by a company called Scentavision.


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) - Almost every night since 1893, a diner pulled up alongside City Hall, first drawn by horses and later by truck engine.

But by order of the mayor, fans of the Haven Brothers diner now will have to travel several extra blocks for their onion-and-relish dogs, baked beans and coffee.

Thursday marked Haven Brothers’ last night in its historic location, and even Mayor Joseph R. Paolino Jr. showed up to mark the occasion.

Although the move is upsetting to co-owner Jack Ferry, he offered Paolino a free dog.

″Naw, do it right,″ said the mayor, who ordered two dogs with celery salt and a milk. His wife, Lianne, ordered one dog, no onions.

″Actually, we might need it,″ Ferry said as he rang the cash register with the mayor’s money. ″We might not make that much at the new location.″

″Are you kidding?″ said Paolino. ″I’d walk a mile for a Haven Brothers hot dog.″

The mayor said he ordered the move to West Exchange Street, behind the Bonanza Bus terminal, because of downtown redevelopment.

″We intend to use this area for festivals during the summer,″ he said.

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