Five interesting facts about watermelon

August 1, 2018

The name is appropriate

Watermelons contain 92 percent water, making them a perfect refresher for those hot summer months.

Why resist the rind?

While we tend to focus on the melon’s succulent flesh, watermelon rinds also are edible — as well as full of nutrients with surprising health benefits.

They can carry some weight

The heaviest watermelon to date was grown by Guinness World Record holder Chris Kent, of Sevierville, Tenn., in 2013. It weighed in at 350.5 pounds.

An Oklahoma favorite

In 2007, the Oklahoma State Senate honored its then-14th biggest crop by voting 44–2 to make watermelon the state vegetable. (Why not fruit? That distinction already was given to the strawberry).

Special day comes soon

Aug. 3, or this coming Friday, is National Watermelon Day.

Source: mentalfloss.com

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