INSIDE THE OA ARCHIVES: 1940: FDR named for third term

November 7, 2018

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is part of a series of stories that will take a look back into the archives of the Odessa American through newspapers. com. The full archive contains more than 1.4 million pages of the Odessa American. Visit the OA website at oaoa. com to sign up for newspapers.com.

Today is Election Day in our country and throughout the past several decades the results of previous elections have been published on this same day in the Odessa American.

On Nov. 6, 1936, it was announced that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had been re-elected for another four years “by the most sweeping victory of modern politics.” In Ector County, over 900 votes were cast in the general election, 10 to one for Democrats. Odessans were bundling up for cold weather as the first freeze of the season had been recorded that week when the temperature dropped to 24 degrees.

Grocery ads for Piggly Wiggly showed a pound of ground meat for 12.5 cents and a pound of Longhorn cheese for 23 cents.

By Nov. 6, 1940, it was obvious that FDR would remain at the helm of this country for a long time to come. The frontpage headline screamed: ROOSEVELT NAMED FOR THIRD TERM – an unprecedented act that would be barred by a constitutional amendment a decade later.

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