A great community

November 12, 2018

Another election is behind us. The level of nastiness grows from election to election. It is not easy to run for elective office or to serve in public office regardless of your ideology or philosophy.

Congratulations to those newly elected. Best wishes in your upcoming service. While our current attention is focused on those just elected and re-elected, let us say thanks to those who have served and who are leaving office.

Here in our great Pocatello-Chubbuck-Bannock County community, I say thanks to Representative Kelley Packer, Representative Dustin Manwaring, Bannock County Commissioner Ken Bullock, Treasurer Radene Barker, Assessor Jared Stein, and Clerk Robert Poleki.

Thank you for your service to our community. Best wishes in all of your future plans.

It has been said that we have the worst form of government except for all others that have been tried.

To those newly elected and re-elected, let’s work to find common ground and meaningful solutions to make this great community even better!

Arlen Wittrock,


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