5 weird facts about clowns

August 2, 2018

International Clown Week begins today and runs through Aug. 7. On Saturday, National Clown Day is celebrated. Here are five weird facts about clowns:

An Egyptian creation

They were first introduced in the Fifth Dynasty (about 2500 B.C.) and were thought to be pygmies.

Nixon loved ’em

So much so, he signed the bill for a National Clown Week in 1971. It is from Aug. 1-7, and it happens every year.

Custom-fitted floppy shoes

According to failed clown Mark J. Drozdowski, this is an actual work-study job offered at his clown college.


That’s the word for the extreme fear of clowns. It’s believed the word comes from the Greek kolon, roughly translating to “stilt-walker.”

Rodeo clowning a tough gig

Rodeo clowns are responsible for protecting riders in bullfights. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Rodeo Clowning is ranked No. 8 in the most dangerous jobs in America (as part of the farmers, ranchers and agricultural managers group).

Source: buzzfeed.com | Photo credit: Thinkstock

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