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On the Lite Side

September 2, 1985

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) _ Contestants for the 11th Annual World Bellyflop and Cannonball Diving Championship may have displaced a lot of water, but they couldn’t compete with Hurricane Elena.

The competition, originally scheduled for Saturday, was postponed until Sunday and moved indoors when the hurricane stalled in the Gulf of Mexico over the weekend. The storm forced the closing of roads to Otter Springs, the original site of the event.

But Elena couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the 200 spectators who cheered as Randy ″Stump″ Williams of Chiefland outsplashed defending champ Canadian Warren Kiland to win $1,000, a trophy, and the coveted green robe.

With a crew from NBC filming the event for a sports special, each contestant took five dives - two cannonballs and three bellyflops. Contestants were judged on the amount of water displaced, degree of difficulty, artistry and personality.

″This is a great feeling,″ Williams said. ″We’re going to party tonight.″

But Kiland didn’t feel all wet. ″I would have liked to have been world champion two times in a row, but Randy’s a good man.″ he said. ″He’s worked very hard for his world championship.″


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - All dressed up and no trash to tote?

Tim Hicken’s co-workers did a double-take when the Ohio Northern University sophomore showed up on his last day of work as a garbage man in a three-piece suit.

″I figured I might as well go out with some class,″ said Hicken, of suburban Westerville, after making his rounds behind a garbage truck Friday.

Despite eight hours of work, his suit looked rather clean at the end of the day.

″I think I’m going to keep it for next year,″ he said. ″I don’t know if I’m even going to take it to the dry cleaners.″

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