Ice could make for treacherous evening commute; Madison will tow cars Downtown

January 23, 2019

The forecast for the massive snowstorm has changed a little bit, with more ice than snow expected Tuesday afternoon and the bulk of the snow falling at night in Madison.

Less than a tenth of an inch of ice accumulation is expected in the Madison area, but it could make for treacherous driving conditions during the evening commute.

The light freezing rain and snow should change to all snow late Tuesday afternoon, with the heaviest snow falling between midnight and mid-morning on Wednesday.

The National Weather Service said up to five inches of snow could fall overnight in Madison, then another two inches on Wednesday.

The snowstorm has prompted the Madison School District to close all buildings in the district by 6 p.m. Tuesday, so no school activities will be held Tuesday night.

No decision has been made if school will be canceled in Madison on Wednesday, and most likely won’t be made until around 6 a.m.

“That decision will be communicated to families by email, as well as on the district’s website and local news stations,” the district said online Tuesday afternoon.

A snow emergency is in effect in Madison and numerous cities and villages in the region, with many requiring vehicles to be off all streets during the emergency.

Madison requires alternate-side parking on all city streets during a snow emergency, and the rules will be rigidly enforced in the Downtown area.

Residents living in Downtown Madison who don’t follow alternate-side parking rules in the snow emergency Tuesday night will have their vehicles towed.

The Madison Streets Division said Tuesday afternoon about 20 streets are affected during the snow emergency, with vehicles needing to be parked on the odd house-numbered side of the street Tuesday night and the even house-numbered side of the street Wednesday night.

This is so plows can clear snow all the way to the curb on the narrow streets in Madison’s central city.

Streets where towing will take place include:

300 block of S. Hamilton St.W. Doty St. (all)100 - 300 blocks and 700-800 blocks of W. Washington Ave.300 - 600 blocks of W. Mifflin St.10 N. Bedford to 300 S. Bedford St.10 - 200 blocks of W. Gilman St300 - 500 blocks of N. Carroll St300 – 600 blocks of N. Henry St.200, 300, and 500 blocks of Wisconsin Ave.200 – 10 blocks of N. Baldwin St.200 – 500 blocks E. Mifflin St.100 – 300 blocks of N. Hamilton St.N. Hancock St. (all)S. Hancock St. (all)N. Franklin St. (all)S. Franklin St. (all)N. Blair St. (all)E. Johnson St. (from Blair to Baldwin)

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