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Latest for MTV: ‘The Ballad of Bernie Goetz’

April 19, 1985

NEW YORK (AP) _ Move over, Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen. ″The Saga of Bernhard Goetz″ is ready for MTV.

″Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, the jury is out, now you can tell us what it’s all about,″ sang cult film star Otto von Wernherr during Thursday’s filming of a video at the 14th Street subway stop in Manhattan, just blocks from Goetz’s apartment.

Von Wernherr, who co-wrote the song with Jay Fitzooth and Robert Brady, said it was ″not pro-Goetz or anti-Goetz.″

″It’s tongue-in-cheek,″ he said. ″We leave enough room to cover everybody’s feelings.″

Goetz, indicted on charges of attempted murder in the shooting of four black teens in a Manhattan subway last December, did not take part in the filming and his attorney said it could possibly prompt a lawsuit.

″We really don’t know exactly what has been done so we don’t know if we’ll take any action,″ said lawyer Robert Kelner. ″Mr. Goetz has not discussed the situation with us.″

The song created some disagreement among those involved in the video. Fitzooth, the lyricist responsible for lines such as ″I really didn’t have to shoot-I really didn’t give a hoot,″ called Goetz ″sort of a like a Jesse James,″ while backup singer Stephanie Daniels said she would never be in a ″pro-Goetz″ extravaganza.

″I always write songs about topical subjects,″ said von Wernherr, who appeared in the film ″Liquid Sky.″ ″Last year I wrote on called ″Where’s the Beef?‴

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