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$1 Million Jackpot Denied to Underage Player

August 8, 1987

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) _ An Arkansas family learned the hard way that it’s against the law for minors to gamble, as they watched a jackpot worth more $1 million slip from their hands.

A man later determined to be 19 years old was playing one of the resort’s ″Million-Dollar Baby″ slot machines Wednesday afternoon when he hit the big payoff: $1,061,811, Caesar’s Palace spokesman Don Guglielmino said Friday.

Nevada law prohibits anyone under the age of 21 from gambling in the state’s casinos.

Video cameras, which focus like a bank camera on action at each of the big slot machines, recorded the win by the youth and continued recording as the youth’s father came to the slot machine to displace his son.

″The guy’s father tried to claim the jackpot,″ Gugliemino said.

The camera also showed that the youth’s mother had been playing the same machine only moments earlier, Gugliemino added.

Gaming control board agents, who routinely review every major jackpot, spotted the change of players on the videotape and denied the jackpot.

Gugliemino said he was not authorized to identify the player or his family. He said the family returned to Hot Springs, Ark. on Friday.

The jackpot was hit and lost just hours after the family checked into the Las Vegas strip resort, Gugliemino said.

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