NEW ORLEANS (AP) _ A 16-year-old dropout tattooed with white supremacy slogans has been accused of killing a 59-year-old black woman, allegedly because she pulled away from a stop sign too slowly for his taste.

Chad Sullivan, 16, who had been kicked out of his grandmother's house two weeks ago, was booked Friday on a charge of murder in the death of Dorothy Mae Gourrier, police said.

Police speculated that the killing was racially motivated. Sullivan was tattooed with white supremacy and satanist slogans, police said.

The walls of an apartment where Sullivan recently had stayed were covered with slurs against blacks, Jews and police, according to police and the apartment's owner.

An Orleans Parish Juvenile Court judge is to decide Monday whether Sullivan should stand trial as an adult.

Mrs. Gourrier was shot Wednesday while driving in New Orleans.

Sullivan had been arrested Thursday on a trespassing charge after police caught him swimming in a canal.

The Times-Picayune quoted an unidentified source Saturday as saying that one of Sullivan's friends called police Thursday and said the youth had been bragging about killing Gourrier. Other friends confirmed the report, the source told the newspaper.

He also was booked on a charge of assault Thursday, after Officer Earl Woolfolk, who is black, identified him as the person who hit him with a beer bottle and broke his nose while he was jogging Sept. 7.

Police said they have not found the gun or the car from which Mrs. Gourrier was shot.

Sullivan's grandmother, Meldean Cowen, said she and her husband, Everett, kicked Sullivan out of their home about two weeks ago, after he took her car without permission and wrecked it.

''My husband told him he couldn't live here anymore if he was going to do things that way,'' Mrs. Cowen said. ''He had been going in and out of the window. My husband and I are over 65 and we can't handle that kind of behavior.''

She said Sullivan had lived with them off and on for more than two years, never staying more than a few weeks at a time, and had dropped out of school in ninth grade. He no longer lives with his mother in Metairie because of family problems, she said.

''He was in trouble all the time for one thing or another,'' she said.

Sullivan's mother, Karen Dussor, would not comment.

''The family has been struggling with this kid forever,'' said his attorney, Alice Jacobs. ''I don't know if he's had a violent crime up to now. Basically he's been joy-riding in cars.''