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Names Engraved on Civil Rights Memorial With PM-Civil Rights Memorial

November 3, 1989

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) _ Here is a list of the 40 people whose names are engraved on a civil rights memorial to be dedicated Sunday. First is the date of the person’s death, followed by the names and the circumstances surrounding their deaths, as given on the memorial.

-May 7, 1955: Rev. George Lee, killed for leading voter registration drive in Belzoni, Miss.

-Aug. 13, 1955: Lamar Smith, slain for organizing black voters in Brookhaven, Miss.

-Aug. 28, 1955: Emmett Louis Till, youth murdered for speaking to white woman in Money, Miss.

-Oct. 22, 1955: John Earl Reese, slain by nightriders opposed to black school improvements in Mayflower, Texas.

-Jan. 23, 1957: Willie Edwards Jr., killed by Klan in Montgomery, Ala.

-April 25, 1959: Mack Charles Parker, taken from a jail and lynched in Poplarville, Miss.

-Sept. 25, 1961: Herbert Lee, voter registration worker killed by white legislator, Liberty, Miss.

-April 9, 1962: Roman Ducksworth Jr., taken from bus and killed by police, Taylorsville, Miss.

-Sept. 30, 1962: Paul Guihard, European reporter killed during Ole Miss riot in Oxford, Miss.

-April 23, 1963: William Lewis Moore, slain during one-man march against segregation in Attalla, Ala.

-June 12, 1963: Medgar Evers, assassinated civil rights leader, Jackson, Miss.

-Sept. 15, 1963: Addie Mae Collins, Denise McNair, Carole Robertson and Cynthia Wesley, schoolgirls killed in bombing of 16th Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, Ala.

-Sept. 15, 1963: Virgil Lamar Ware, youth killed during wave of racist violence, Birmingham, Ala.

-Jan. 31, 1964: Louis Allen, witness to murder of civil rights worker, assassinated in Liberty, Miss.

-April 7, 1964: Rev. Bruce Klunder, killed protesting construction of segregated school, Cleveland.

-May 2, 1964: Henry Hezekiah Dee and Charles Eddie Moore, killed by Klan, Meadville, Miss.

-June 21, 1964: James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, civil rights workers abducted and slain by Klan, Philadelphia, Miss.

-July 11, 1964: Lemuel Penn, killed by Klan while driving North through Colbert, Ga.

-Feb. 26, 1965: Jimmie Lee Jackson, civil rights marcher killed by state trooper in Marion, Ala.

-March 11, 1965: Rev. James Reeb, march volunteer beaten to death, Selma, Ala.

-March 25, 1965: Viola Gregg Liuzzo, killed by Klan while transporting marchers on highway near Selma, Ala.

-June 2, 1965: Oneal Moore, black deputy killed by nightriders, Varnado, La.

-July 18, 1965: Willie Wallace Brewster, killed by nightriders, Anniston, Ala.

-Aug. 20, 1965: Jonathan Daniels, seminary student killed by part-time deputy, Hayneville, Ala.

-Jan. 3, 1966: Samuel Younge Jr., student civil rights activist killed in dispute over whites-only restroom, Tuskegee, Ala.

-Jan. 10, 1966: Vernon Dahmer, black community leader killed in Klan bombing, Hattiesburg, Miss.

-June 10, 1966: Ben Chester White, killed by Klan in Natchez, Miss.

-July 30, 1966: Clarence Triggs, slain by nightriders in Bogalusa, La.

-Feb. 27, 1967: Wharlest Jackson, civil rights leader killed after promotion to ″white″ job, Natchez, Miss.

-May 12, 1967: Benjamin Brown, civil rights worker killed when police fired on protesters, Jackson, Miss.

-Feb. 8, 1968: Samuel Hammond Jr., Delano Middleton and Henry Smith, students killed when highway patrolmen fired on protesters, Orangeburg, S.C.

-April 4, 1968: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., assassinated, Memphis, Tenn.

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